Do you shoot film or digital?

We are hybrid shooters, using both film and digital formats.  Each has it’s strengths, and we feel that film complements our style well.  We are Canon digital shooters and for film we use the Contax 645, Mamiya 645 and the Canon EOS 3 35mm. We shoot a few rolls during most weddings, usually during the portraits. For more info on the technical side of our work visit this page.

 How far in advance should I book you?

Our calendar books up between six and eighteen months in advance. June, September and October weddings tend to fill the most quickly. Saturdays are always the first to go, but we’ve seen a large increase in the number of Friday and Sunday weddings as well.

 How much will it cost to hire you?

It depends on your needs.  Contact us to discuss your event’s needs and we’ll be happy to start a conversation with you.

How does it work when I hire a Summer Street Associate Photographer?

Our Associate Photographers, Chuck and Abby are part of our team and an integral part of Summer Street Photography. When you hire a Summer Street Associate, you can rest assured that you’re getting the same quality and experience as working with Kendra or Matt. During the planning process, you work with Kendra and Matt to ensure all the details are communicated and we’re well prepared for your unique day. On the day of your wedding, your Associate Photographer comes to the wedding and captures the day with their unique perspective. We all use the same equipment, so there is no quality difference in the imagery. After the wedding, Kendra and Matt take over again with the post processing, image delivery and album design. You can meet with Abby or Chuck before hiring them, if you’d like. Working with an Associate is a more affordable way to have Summer Street Photography capture your day without sacrificing quality or craft.

 Where are you located? I’m confused how you are both Minnesota and Massachusetts Wedding Photographers?

We split our time between New England and Minnesota, and we love shooting weddings in both places! There are no travel fees for weddings in New England or Minnesota.

 Do you travel for weddings?

Absolutely! We love to travel and experience new locations along side our clients. 60 miles of travel (round trip) is included with all packages, after which the IRS mileage rate is charged. For destinations which require an airplane or hotel we typically work out this cost in the package price. Contact us and we’ll discuss your wedding!

 How would you describe your style?

Organic – Whimsical – Timeless. Our work sits at the intersection of Candid Photojournalism and Editorial Portraiture. While we feel that it is important to have formal shots documenting who was there on one of the biggest days of your life, we are far more interested in how the day was experienced by those who shared it with you. The excitement and celebration of this day compares to very few other days in your life, so we think it’s absolutely crucial to take notice of all the details. Tears from your sister as she sees you in your dress for the first time, laughter from Grandpa’s endless jokes, those decorations you spent hours crafting.  These are the kind of details we like to highlight,  telling a story about your wedding day for you to remember for the rest of your life.

 Do you take traditional family portraits during weddings?

We take traditional family photos for 99% of the weddings we shoot. We don’t typically blog these images in order to protect the family’s privacy. The most common groupings are parents, siblings and grandparents. Only around 10% of our clients do extended family portraits because they take more time time, but we’re comfortable working ahead of time on your wedding day timeline to ensure there is enough time for your photo vision.

 How long will it take for us to get our photos?

Digital and Film Processing takes approximately six weeks from the day of your wedding.  We love to keep our clients in the loop during this time, sharing sneak peeks from the wedding, and a larger blog post of the event within a timely manner. You’ll receive an online printing gallery in addition to the digital negatives you receive.

 What kind of cameras do you use?

We shoot with Canon 5D MII and MIII for digital, as well as  a Canon EOS 3 35mm and Contax 645 medium format for film. More info on our gear can be seen here.

 Do you process every image delivered, or just a selection?

We hand edit each and every image delivered after the wedding. Nothing is delivered ‘straight out of the camera’ upon delivery. We edit everything in-house, giving us the most control over each aspect of your wedding photos. Images selected for print or albums may receive extra attention for optimum artistic display.

 How many photos will I receive after the wedding is over?

It depends on your event and package details, but most clients receive between 400-800 high resolution JPEG files on a custom thumb drive after the wedding.

 Do you have business insurance?

Summer Street Photography has 2 million dollar liability insurance provided by Hill and Usher Insurance. Some venues require this, so let us know if you need a us to fax anything to your venue.

Do I need an engagement session?

Engagement sessions are a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera before your wedding day. We like to compare an engagement session to other parts of wedding planning – food tasting, hair and makeup trials and dress fittings. The more we can get to know you, and you can experience our shooting style, the easier you will breathe on your wedding day. We love when couples use their engagement photos as a part of their Save the Dates or choose to make a custom Engagement Session Guest Book. We have many ideas of how to enjoy the engagement session photos, just ask!

 What types of albums and products do you offer?

Printing your photos is an important part of fully enjoying the photography services we offer, and we have an exciting and beautiful selection of products that we offer to our clients.  We currently carry eight professional wedding albums: ranging from 8×8 to 12×12 in a variety of cover materials including fabric, custom image covers, leather and vegan leather. They are made of the finest archival materials and are hand designed by us and assembled in the USA. You can see samples of these books during our initial consultation, or at any point before or after your wedding. We also offer Parent Albums, Engagement Session Albums and Engagement Session Guest Books.

For print products we have a wide selection of sizes, paper and mounting options including Canvas Gallery Wraps that are competitively priced. While all of our wedding packages include a disk of high resolution images, we strongly suggest using us for any photos that will be put in a frame or hung on the wall because our printer has been specifically calibrated to our computer monitors, resulting in the highest quality and most accurate color for print.  Big-box printers won’t be able to match the sophistication and attention to detail that we can provide, so investing in print products that are overseen by us will yield the highest-quality prints available.

We can also suggest excellent graphic designers to incorporate your photos into your Save the Dates and Wedding Invitations.

May we see an entire wedding you’ve photographed?

Absolutely! We do our best to blog images from weddings that have a tight but cohesive feel from wedding days. Of course we don’t blog each and every image but we are more than happy to share links to online galleries from weddings so you can get a better idea of what full wedding coverage looks like.

I love what I see, what is the next step?

Contact us! Be sure to include your wedding date and any details about your big day so we can start learning about you and your fiancee and the exciting event that you’re planning.