Beth + Ben = Married


summerstreetphotography_0440 summerstreetphotography_0441 summerstreetphotography_0442 summerstreetphotography_0443 summerstreetphotography_0444 summerstreetphotography_0445 summerstreetphotography_0446 summerstreetphotography_0447 summerstreetphotography_0448 summerstreetphotography_0449 summerstreetphotography_0450 summerstreetphotography_0451 summerstreetphotography_0452 summerstreetphotography_0453 summerstreetphotography_0454 summerstreetphotography_0455 summerstreetphotography_0456 summerstreetphotography_0457 summerstreetphotography_0458 summerstreetphotography_0459 summerstreetphotography_0460 summerstreetphotography_0461 summerstreetphotography_0462 summerstreetphotography_0463 summerstreetphotography_0464 summerstreetphotography_0465 summerstreetphotography_0466 summerstreetphotography_0467 summerstreetphotography_0468 summerstreetphotography_0469 summerstreetphotography_0470 summerstreetphotography_0471 summerstreetphotography_0472 summerstreetphotography_0473 summerstreetphotography_0474 summerstreetphotography_0475 summerstreetphotography_0476 summerstreetphotography_0477 summerstreetphotography_0478 summerstreetphotography_0479 summerstreetphotography_0480 summerstreetphotography_0481 summerstreetphotography_0482 summerstreetphotography_0483 summerstreetphotography_0484 summerstreetphotography_0485 summerstreetphotography_0486 summerstreetphotography_0487 summerstreetphotography_0488 summerstreetphotography_0489 summerstreetphotography_0490 summerstreetphotography_0491 summerstreetphotography_0492 summerstreetphotography_0493 summerstreetphotography_0494 summerstreetphotography_0495 summerstreetphotography_0496 summerstreetphotography_0497 summerstreetphotography_0498 summerstreetphotography_0499 summerstreetphotography_0500 summerstreetphotography_0501 summerstreetphotography_0502 summerstreetphotography_0503 summerstreetphotography_0504 summerstreetphotography_0505 summerstreetphotography_0506 summerstreetphotography_0507 summerstreetphotography_0508 summerstreetphotography_0509 summerstreetphotography_0510 summerstreetphotography_0511 summerstreetphotography_0512 summerstreetphotography_0513 summerstreetphotography_0514 summerstreetphotography_0515 summerstreetphotography_0516 summerstreetphotography_0517 summerstreetphotography_0518 summerstreetphotography_0519 summerstreetphotography_0520 summerstreetphotography_0521 summerstreetphotography_0522 summerstreetphotography_0523 summerstreetphotography_0524 summerstreetphotography_0525 summerstreetphotography_0526 summerstreetphotography_0527Beth and Ben were married on a glorious September afternoon at the Endicott Estate in Dedham, Massachusetts. The Endicott Estate remains one of our favorite venues because it seamlessly marries the old world feel of the Boston area while remaining fresh and comfortable. We’ve said it a thousand times, but give us a Historic Estate and two people madly in love and we’re happy photographers. Chuck was on slate for Beth and Ben’s big day and we love the images he captured of their laid back and classy wedding. We’re over the moon for you, Beth and Ben – and so grateful you put your trust in us to document this milestone in your lives. Congratulations!

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Christina + Adam = Engaged


summerstreetphotography_0301 summerstreetphotography_0302 summerstreetphotography_0303 summerstreetphotography_0304 summerstreetphotography_0305 summerstreetphotography_0306 summerstreetphotography_0307 summerstreetphotography_0308 summerstreetphotography_0309 summerstreetphotography_0310 summerstreetphotography_0311 summerstreetphotography_0312 summerstreetphotography_0313 summerstreetphotography_0314 summerstreetphotography_0315 summerstreetphotography_0316 summerstreetphotography_0317 summerstreetphotography_0318 summerstreetphotography_0319 summerstreetphotography_0320 summerstreetphotography_0321 summerstreetphotography_0322 summerstreetphotography_0323 summerstreetphotography_0324 summerstreetphotography_0325 summerstreetphotography_0326 summerstreetphotography_0327 summerstreetphotography_0328 summerstreetphotography_0329 summerstreetphotography_0330 summerstreetphotography_0331 summerstreetphotography_0332Adam – you get an A+ for nailing the marriage proposal. I mean really – how great is this session!? Adam called us up this summer to ask if we’d photograph his proposal to his long time girlfriend, Christina, in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood in front of one of the prettiest flower shops on the Hill. We were all over it and kept everything under wraps as we learned Adam’s plan. Chuck was there on the day-of to shoot and was able to conceal himself without Christina knowing until after Adam had popped the question. The look on her face can’t be put into words, which is exactly why having a professional photographer capture this moment is priceless. After she said yes, Adam and Christina floated on cloud nine with Chuck capturing it all around Beacon Hill and the Boston Public Garden. We’re smitten with these two and are so happy they have these photos to cherish in the coming years as they remember the day she said yes.

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The H Family


summerstreetphotography_0253 summerstreetphotography_0254 summerstreetphotography_0255 summerstreetphotography_0256 summerstreetphotography_0257 summerstreetphotography_0258 summerstreetphotography_0259 summerstreetphotography_0260 summerstreetphotography_0261 summerstreetphotography_0262 summerstreetphotography_0263 summerstreetphotography_0264 summerstreetphotography_0265 summerstreetphotography_0266 summerstreetphotography_0267 summerstreetphotography_0268 summerstreetphotography_0269 summerstreetphotography_0270 summerstreetphotography_0271 summerstreetphotography_0272 summerstreetphotography_0273 summerstreetphotography_0274 summerstreetphotography_0275 summerstreetphotography_0276 summerstreetphotography_0277Unless you’re a stranger to our blog, you have probably seen the H family featured in the past. We were honored to capture photos of Ashley while pregnant with sweet P, their first days as a family, and several other family sessions since. It’s so much fun to watch them grow and their family is just SO EASY to photograph. Full of love, giggles and no stranger to tossing kids in the air – these guys make our job a cinch. They also happen to be some of the most genuine and kind hearted people you will ever meet making every part of our working relationship an absolute joy. Ashley, Adam and sweet P – thank you for allowing us to document your beautiful family!

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Susan + Alex = Married


summerstreetphotography_0330 summerstreetphotography_0331 summerstreetphotography_0332 summerstreetphotography_0333 summerstreetphotography_0334 summerstreetphotography_0335 summerstreetphotography_0336 summerstreetphotography_0337 summerstreetphotography_0338 summerstreetphotography_0339 summerstreetphotography_0340 summerstreetphotography_0341 summerstreetphotography_0342 summerstreetphotography_0343 summerstreetphotography_0344 summerstreetphotography_0345 summerstreetphotography_0346 summerstreetphotography_0347 summerstreetphotography_0348 summerstreetphotography_0349 summerstreetphotography_0350 summerstreetphotography_0351 summerstreetphotography_0352 summerstreetphotography_0353 summerstreetphotography_0354 summerstreetphotography_0355 summerstreetphotography_0356 summerstreetphotography_0357 summerstreetphotography_0358 summerstreetphotography_0359 summerstreetphotography_0360 summerstreetphotography_0361 summerstreetphotography_0362 summerstreetphotography_0363 summerstreetphotography_0364 summerstreetphotography_0365 summerstreetphotography_0366 summerstreetphotography_0367 summerstreetphotography_0368 summerstreetphotography_0369 summerstreetphotography_0370 summerstreetphotography_0371 summerstreetphotography_0372 summerstreetphotography_0373 summerstreetphotography_0374 summerstreetphotography_0375 summerstreetphotography_0376 summerstreetphotography_0378 summerstreetphotography_0379 summerstreetphotography_0380 summerstreetphotography_0381 summerstreetphotography_0382 summerstreetphotography_0383 summerstreetphotography_0384 summerstreetphotography_0385 summerstreetphotography_0386 summerstreetphotography_0387 summerstreetphotography_0388 summerstreetphotography_0389 summerstreetphotography_0390 summerstreetphotography_0391 summerstreetphotography_0392 summerstreetphotography_0393 summerstreetphotography_0394 summerstreetphotography_0395 summerstreetphotography_0396 summerstreetphotography_0397 summerstreetphotography_0398 summerstreetphotography_0399 summerstreetphotography_0400 summerstreetphotography_0401 summerstreetphotography_0402 summerstreetphotography_0403 summerstreetphotography_0404 summerstreetphotography_0405 summerstreetphotography_0406 summerstreetphotography_0407 summerstreetphotography_0408 summerstreetphotography_0409 summerstreetphotography_0410 summerstreetphotography_0411 summerstreetphotography_0412 summerstreetphotography_0413 summerstreetphotography_0414 summerstreetphotography_0415 summerstreetphotography_0416 summerstreetphotography_0417 summerstreetphotography_0418 summerstreetphotography_0419 summerstreetphotography_0420 summerstreetphotography_0421 summerstreetphotography_0422 summerstreetphotography_0423 summerstreetphotography_0424 summerstreetphotography_0425 summerstreetphotography_0426 summerstreetphotography_0427 summerstreetphotography_0428 summerstreetphotography_0429 summerstreetphotography_0430 summerstreetphotography_0431Susan and Alex! We could just give you a big fat hug through the the internet. Weddings are always joyous events, but when two people who have hearts like Susan and Alex decide to get married – good things happen. In fact, we’re convinced that with power teams like these two the world will be better off because they are together. When planning their wedding they of course wanted a day that reflected their taste and personalities, but even more they wanted a *great* party where their loved ones could gather together and have a really a fun time celebrating. Well their planning paid off because this crew knew how to DANCE! Matt and our fabulous second shooter and dear friend Dan (who just happened to photograph our own wedding!) had a great time with these two and may have been swept onto the dance floor a time or two to celebrate with these guys. It was a great day, and one we were happy to document for two such genuine and loving people. Congratulations Susan and Alex!


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Summer Family Session Remix


summerstreetphotography_0178 summerstreetphotography_0179 summerstreetphotography_0180 summerstreetphotography_0181 summerstreetphotography_0182 summerstreetphotography_0183 summerstreetphotography_0184 summerstreetphotography_0185 summerstreetphotography_0186 summerstreetphotography_0187 summerstreetphotography_0188 summerstreetphotography_0189 summerstreetphotography_0190 summerstreetphotography_0191 summerstreetphotography_0192 summerstreetphotography_0193 summerstreetphotography_0194 summerstreetphotography_0195 summerstreetphotography_0196 summerstreetphotography_0197 summerstreetphotography_0198 summerstreetphotography_0199 summerstreetphotography_0200 summerstreetphotography_0201 summerstreetphotography_0202 summerstreetphotography_0203 summerstreetphotography_0204 summerstreetphotography_0205 summerstreetphotography_0206 summerstreetphotography_0207 summerstreetphotography_0208 summerstreetphotography_0209 summerstreetphotography_0210 summerstreetphotography_0211 summerstreetphotography_0212 summerstreetphotography_0213 summerstreetphotography_0214 summerstreetphotography_0215 summerstreetphotography_0216 summerstreetphotography_0217 summerstreetphotography_0218 summerstreetphotography_0219 summerstreetphotography_0220 summerstreetphotography_0221 summerstreetphotography_0222 summerstreetphotography_0223 summerstreetphotography_0224 summerstreetphotography_0225 summerstreetphotography_0226 summerstreetphotography_0227 summerstreetphotography_0228 summerstreetphotography_0229 summerstreetphotography_0230 summerstreetphotography_0231 summerstreetphotography_0232 summerstreetphotography_0233 summerstreetphotography_0234 summerstreetphotography_0235 summerstreetphotography_0236 summerstreetphotography_0237 summerstreetphotography_0238 summerstreetphotography_0239 summerstreetphotography_0240 summerstreetphotography_0241 summerstreetphotography_0242 summerstreetphotography_0243 summerstreetphotography_0244 summerstreetphotography_0245 summerstreetphotography_0246 summerstreetphotography_0247It’s hard to believe that not only is summer a distant memory, but FALL is quickly fading as well. Something we’ve loved as our business has grown has been the growth of the family photo portion of our business. It’s only natural that as our wedding clients settle into their new stages that they are adding love to their life with pets and children. The family mini session has become quite popular in the photography world – and for good reason. It’s a fast and affordable way to document your family’s growth from year to year. We’ve come to hold two family mini session marathons here on Summer Street – one in the summer and one in the fall. We just completed our fall rendition of our mini sessions, but our blog has been a bit…delayed….as of late – so today we’re sharing our summer rendition of the Mini Session remix. Photographing kids and families always keeps us on our toes, and we’ve loved exploring how to best capture each family dynamic and child – even if they prefer to run away from the camera rather than toward. There’s something unpolished about this body of work that we’re building but that feels right. Childhood (and hey – life!) is not about pressed khaki’s and white shirts on the beach. It’s the runny noses, bear hugs, scrapes and kisses from Mom and Dad – all these little things add up to a really beautiful conglomeration of what raising kids is like. And someday we hope parents look back at these moments and think of just how sweet and small their kids were, as well as the expansive amounts of energy it takes to keep up with them. After all, life is lived between the pretty and perfect photos, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

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Baby L


summerstreetphotography_0164 summerstreetphotography_0165 summerstreetphotography_0166 summerstreetphotography_0167 summerstreetphotography_0168 summerstreetphotography_0169 summerstreetphotography_0170 summerstreetphotography_0171 summerstreetphotography_0172 summerstreetphotography_0173 summerstreetphotography_0174 summerstreetphotography_0175 summerstreetphotography_0176 summerstreetphotography_0177Couldn’t let any more time pass before sharing some sweet photos Chuck captured of Baby L and his family on his first few days at home. It’s such a gift to capture these moments for families. Little L is nearly 6 months now (!) but his sweet squishy cheeks and soft skin are too precious not to share with the world. Chuck documented this session with us and we are always so smitten with his ability to catch the little nuances during these momentous milestones. The way the pets give him the side eye – unsure of all the newness that surrounds them….the tiny fingers whose fingernails are still peeling from being submersed in fluid for 9 months….the awe and exhaustion in the eyes of new parents….these things are real and worth documenting, however transient they are at the time. But then you look at the sweet innocence and dependence of this little babe in their arms and know that it’s all worth it. Thank you for allowing us to capture your beautiful family, Katie and Anthony.

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Christy + Dan = Engaged


summerstreetphotography_0079 summerstreetphotography_0080 summerstreetphotography_0081 summerstreetphotography_0082 summerstreetphotography_0083 summerstreetphotography_0084 summerstreetphotography_0085 summerstreetphotography_0086 summerstreetphotography_0087 summerstreetphotography_0088 summerstreetphotography_0089 summerstreetphotography_0090 summerstreetphotography_0091 summerstreetphotography_0092 summerstreetphotography_0093 summerstreetphotography_0094 summerstreetphotography_0095 summerstreetphotography_0096 summerstreetphotography_0097 summerstreetphotography_0098 summerstreetphotography_0099 summerstreetphotography_0100 summerstreetphotography_0101 summerstreetphotography_0102 summerstreetphotography_0103 summerstreetphotography_0104Everything about this session makes us SUPER happy photographers. Shooting at sunset in Concord, MA might just be our happy place – and with Christy and Dan in front of the camera it just doesn’t get any better. A simple setting in glorious light makes for great photos – but what we can’t create are the dynamic connections between people. That’s really where this job can be incredibly diverse even in the same exact lighting situation. And when it comes to dynamic connections, these two have hit a home run. I may have gone over the top in my excitement for these two as they were in front of the camera, perhaps embarrassing myself a bit in my enthusiasm. At one point Christy and Dan shared with me that they were going to be going out for dinner after their session downtown Boston and invited me to attend. At that point I knew I needed to hone back my verbal excitement as I was quickly becoming their third wheel fan girl. 🙂 Needless to say, we are super excited for their wedding next September in Boston and know that these photos are just a taste of the good things to come! Can’t wait to see you again next fall, Christy and Dan!

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