Manpreet + Michael = Married


From our very first conversation with Michael and Manpreet, we knew these were our people. Hard working, exceptionally talented, full of love for one another, optimistic for the future, and did we mention totally real? Michael and Manpreet have magnetic personalities and huge hearts. They deserve one another and their wedding day completely celebrated that. If you’ve been following our work for a little while, you know that we regularly shoot in New England and the Midwest, so it was extra fun for us to venture a little further south to the Big Apple to photograph Manpreet and Michael’s big day. The city has such an electric vibe, and hosting the event at the Brooklyn Winery was the perfect spot to gather together for their wedding. Manpreet and her favotire people gathered together at the couple’s home to prep for the day, while Michael’s crew got ready in Times Square. Michael grew up in the United Kingdom, so many of his friends and family came from overseas for the wedding. Times Square was a fitting and bustling place to get ready for the wedding, and also let many of his friends experience a slice of New York in it’s glittering light. The day continued with a sweet hour of portraits where Michael couldn’t stop smiling at Manpreet because their wedding day had finally arrived (I’m telling you, these two are sweethearts). Their cozy, candle lit ceremony left everyone in happy tears which was a great prelude for the rest of the evening’s stories and toasts from their loved ones. The night concluded with a serious dance party and we left with a huge grin wiped across our face. I’d call that a good day at work. Congratulations Manpreet and Michael. We are over the moon for you and trust you’ll share many glasses of wine from the Brooklyn Winery on your anniversary each year.

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Laura + Graeme


Hi Friends! Our blog has been taking a little rest the last month or so, but we’re back today to share this sweet session. Chuck met up with the newly married Laura and Graeme to capture some photos to celebrate their recent elopement. Graeme works at the TD Garden and has an important role making sure the screens and score boards are top notch – so they decided to incorporate that fun detail in their photos. We’re so glad they did because the photos in the Garden have so much personality to them, don’t they? They also explored the North End on foot afterward which made for some very romantic portraits in the cold, clear sunset. Go ahead and call me a Downton Abbey dork, but I personally think these two could be Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley’s doppelgängers! Congratulations on your marriage, Laura and Graeme. We wish you years of happiness together!

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2014 – IN REVIEW


For those of you still hanging around at the end, let’s start with a high-five for being able to process all those images. We are well aware that this little annual tradition of our images in a yearly review format is entirely too big. Believe it or not, this is a highly edited version of some of our favorite images for the year. I suppose that’s what happens when we shoot more than 50 weddings in a year, not to mention even more portrait sessions. There is just so much LIFE and LOVE that we get to witness! It’s such an honor, guys.

Now you get to read our little acceptance speech of gratitude. First of all, none of these photos would be possible without the beautiful clients we get to have in our Summer Street family. Their lives and love are our constant inspiration, and without that we’d just be taking photos of pretty things with no substance. Next up, our team of dedicated photographers. Of course Matt and I started this whole crazy business, but we’ve picked up Chuck and Abby along the way as our sensationally talented Associate Photographers, and much of what you see above is their talented work as well. Next up we have the privilege of working with some of the finest in the industry as our second shooters and assistants for some weddings; Ashley, Katie, Deb, Bella, Dan, Olivia, Ellie, Jean and Vina – your talent behind the lens is clearly phenomenal and we’re honored to call you peers. We are hybrid shooters (film and digital) so we have to thank our talented film lab, Richard Photo Lab, for their expert work in the dark room. This year we hand-trained a new talented digital editor as well. With the influx of a new market in the Midwest, Matt and I needed back-end support to help us deliver beautiful, consistent images to our clients in a timely manner, and we knew bringing an in-house editor to help us would be just the thing. Laura is now part of our team and has been an integral part of our back-end this year and helps all our images become what you see on our site. Talk about a talented group!

We have captured love in many places this year. From sandy beaches to historic estates. Ornate houses of worship and cathedrals in the woods. Childhood homes and mountain tops. All across New England and the prairies of the Midwest, we’ve gotten to step back and capture lives full of love. We’ve been able to tell their stories through photos that they will cherish for years to come. We are completely honored to call this work, and we toast to you all for supporting us along the way. Here’s to 2015!

*In the mood for more photos? Previous years in review: 2011, 2012 (part I, II, III), 2013*

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The S Family


When someone asks us what we do for a living, we usually say, “We’re Photogrpahers.” What follows is usually in tune with, “Cool! What kind?” and we usually say, “We photograph love. Weddings, couples, babies, families….the good stuff”. It’s a true honor to capture love. Some people are called to be funeral directors or politicians or plumbers or doctors or tax accountants, all of which are incredibly important. But spending your working time surrounded by love? We are overwhelmed with gratitude for this. When the S family asked us to capture some photos of their life together, we were immediately on board. There is something magical about the everyday. The traditional family portrait that sits above the mantel with all parties clad in white shirts and khaki pants is important, don’t get us wrong, but there is something about capturing a living, breathing family doing their thing that speaks to us. The S family has plenty of love to go around, and it was so easy capturing their love together.

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Baby F


You may remember Erin and Koji from their Wedding. Or perhaps their Maternity Session a few weeks back. By now, these two are old friends on Summer Street so it was a complete honor to capture their newest addition to their lives through photos. Chuck captured this sweet session and we are officially obsessed with the results. You can feel the love, can’t you? The photo of the new family sitting in the nursery literally gives me chills. It’s one of those images that wraps up the experience of having a new baby in your life. The world rushes around you, but in the middle of it all there is this tiny, helpless creature that teaches us how to give sacrificial love. The look on Erin and Koji’s face in that image is just *everything*. Is it dusty around here? Erin and Koji, we are thrilled to see you as parents. That baby girl is one lucky human. Congratulations!!

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Sharon + Chris = Married


Sharon and Chris were married in Lakeville, Minnesota a few weeks back, wrapping up our 2014 season on a very high note. They were married on the same week that they celebrated 10 years together, which was one sweet element in a slew of meaningful contributions in their big day. They got ready at their venue and made their way down to a nearby state park for their first look and couple portraits – in the bitter cold of 17 degrees (without coats) – but once they saw each other their excitement and warmth pushed them through for some beautiful images together. A roaring fire welcomed guests as they shared a cozy and meaningful ceremony together. Cold temps didn’t keep the crew of Minnesotan wedding attendants  leery of popping outside for some photos (we are a tough breed) and afterward the party continued with witty toasts and some polka dancing. If there is anything we are sure of, it’s that these two deserve one another and they will share a happily ever after together. Congratulations, Sharon and Chris!

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