Lif + James = Married


summerstreetphotography_302 summerstreetphotography_303 summerstreetphotography_304 summerstreetphotography_305 summerstreetphotography_306 summerstreetphotography_307 summerstreetphotography_308 summerstreetphotography_309 summerstreetphotography_310 summerstreetphotography_311 summerstreetphotography_312 summerstreetphotography_313 summerstreetphotography_314 summerstreetphotography_315 summerstreetphotography_316 summerstreetphotography_317 summerstreetphotography_318 summerstreetphotography_319 summerstreetphotography_320 summerstreetphotography_321 summerstreetphotography_322 summerstreetphotography_323 summerstreetphotography_324 summerstreetphotography_325 summerstreetphotography_326 summerstreetphotography_327 summerstreetphotography_328 summerstreetphotography_329 summerstreetphotography_330 summerstreetphotography_331 summerstreetphotography_332What a lovely little wedding this was! Lif and James were married with an audience of three guests back in April. James grew up here in the states, and Lif grew up aborad, but Minnesota brought them together. They will be celebrating with two more traditional weddings (one here and one abroad!) but wanted to make their commitment legal before they waited any longer. They had a brief ceremony at the Semple Mansion in Minneapolis and I joined them afterward for some portraits around the Mansion and since it was rainy we hit up one of our favorite Minnesota indoor spots – the Como Conservatory in Saint Paul. The lush greenhouse provided a beautiful backdrop for the newlyweds who were literally giddy with excitement at their new state as husband and wife. It made my job a piece of cake as they waltzed through the Conservatory on their cloud of wedded bliss. Lif and James, thanks for trusting us to capture this special day, we know there will be so much happiness in your future together! Congratulations!

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Angela + Tom = Engaged


summerstreetphotography_191 summerstreetphotography_192 summerstreetphotography_193 summerstreetphotography_194 summerstreetphotography_195 summerstreetphotography_196 summerstreetphotography_197 summerstreetphotography_198 summerstreetphotography_199 summerstreetphotography_200 summerstreetphotography_201 summerstreetphotography_202 summerstreetphotography_203 summerstreetphotography_204 summerstreetphotography_205 summerstreetphotography_206 summerstreetphotography_207 summerstreetphotography_208 summerstreetphotography_209 summerstreetphotography_210 summerstreetphotography_211 summerstreetphotography_212 summerstreetphotography_213 summerstreetphotography_214 summerstreetphotography_215 summerstreetphotography_216 summerstreetphotography_217Hey guys! It’s been awhile. We’ve missed blogging – and just in time too because we have a roster of great shoots to share and it’s officially WEDDING SEASON! Before spring morphs into summer and we wonder where the time went, we had to share some of our favorite photographs from Angela and Tom’s Engagement Session in Wellesley, MA at the lovely Elm Bank Horticultural Center. Chuck captured these photos and he’ll be returning when they tie the knot this July at Fruitlands. We’re in love with the photos and think these three make an incredibly adorable trio. Angela and Tom, little L is lucky to have you as parents. We can’t wait for July!

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Autumn + Kate = Married


summerstreetphotography_095 summerstreetphotography_096 summerstreetphotography_097 summerstreetphotography_098 summerstreetphotography_099 summerstreetphotography_100 summerstreetphotography_101 summerstreetphotography_102 summerstreetphotography_103 summerstreetphotography_104 summerstreetphotography_105 summerstreetphotography_106 summerstreetphotography_107 summerstreetphotography_108 summerstreetphotography_109 summerstreetphotography_110 summerstreetphotography_111 summerstreetphotography_112 summerstreetphotography_113 summerstreetphotography_114 summerstreetphotography_115 summerstreetphotography_116 summerstreetphotography_117 summerstreetphotography_118 summerstreetphotography_119 summerstreetphotography_120 summerstreetphotography_121 summerstreetphotography_122 summerstreetphotography_123 summerstreetphotography_124 summerstreetphotography_125 summerstreetphotography_126 summerstreetphotography_127 summerstreetphotography_128 summerstreetphotography_129 summerstreetphotography_130 summerstreetphotography_131 summerstreetphotography_132 summerstreetphotography_133 summerstreetphotography_134 summerstreetphotography_135 summerstreetphotography_136 summerstreetphotography_137 summerstreetphotography_138 summerstreetphotography_139 summerstreetphotography_140 summerstreetphotography_141 summerstreetphotography_142 summerstreetphotography_143 summerstreetphotography_144 summerstreetphotography_145 summerstreetphotography_146 summerstreetphotography_147 summerstreetphotography_148 summerstreetphotography_149 summerstreetphotography_150 summerstreetphotography_151 summerstreetphotography_152 summerstreetphotography_153 summerstreetphotography_154 summerstreetphotography_155 summerstreetphotography_156 summerstreetphotography_157 summerstreetphotography_158 summerstreetphotography_159 summerstreetphotography_160 summerstreetphotography_161 summerstreetphotography_162 summerstreetphotography_163 summerstreetphotography_164 summerstreetphotography_165 summerstreetphotography_166 summerstreetphotography_167 summerstreetphotography_168 summerstreetphotography_169 summerstreetphotography_170 summerstreetphotography_171 summerstreetphotography_172 summerstreetphotography_173 summerstreetphotography_174 summerstreetphotography_175 summerstreetphotography_176 summerstreetphotography_177 summerstreetphotography_178 summerstreetphotography_179 summerstreetphotography_180 summerstreetphotography_181 summerstreetphotography_182 summerstreetphotography_183 summerstreetphotography_184 summerstreetphotography_185 summerstreetphotography_186 summerstreetphotography_187 summerstreetphotography_188We love this wedding and this couple for so many reasons. The one that sticks out the most though, has to be their natural ability to make each other smile. In their vows, Kate promised to keep Autumn safe, and Autumn promised to keep Kate wild. How beautiful is that? Their entire wedding day was filled with genuine love and infectious laughter. We could not wipe the smiles off our faces watching these newlyweds together and know the world will be a better place because they are together. Some highlights from the day included taking photos in front of the Bob Dylan mural downtown Minneapolis (with NO cars in front of the wall, thank-you universe!) and watching their guests (unsuccessfully) resist the impressive dessert table. And when I say impressive I mean IMPRESSIVE. Their day in one word could easily be summed up as: happiness. Congratulations Autumn and Kate! We are so happy for you both.

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A – First Birthday


summerstreetphotography_082 summerstreetphotography_083 summerstreetphotography_084 summerstreetphotography_085 summerstreetphotography_086 summerstreetphotography_087 summerstreetphotography_088 summerstreetphotography_089 summerstreetphotography_090Few things are sweeter than a one year old baby. Eyes glittering with life, love brimming over and a spirit full of adventure, there is a reason parents of babies transitioning to toddlers are happily exhausted. Sweet A’s family asked me to photograph their newly minted one year old in our studio and we couldn’t resist. A few simple and colorful streamers made a happy accent to Miss A’s bubbly personality. Shooting in our new studio was also a treat for me since we’ve spent several years renting space from others but photographing this sweet peach was the best part of it all. Happy Birthday little A, you are a lucky kid to have such an amazing family!

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The E Family


summerstreetphotography_924 summerstreetphotography_925 summerstreetphotography_926 summerstreetphotography_927 summerstreetphotography_928 summerstreetphotography_929 summerstreetphotography_930 summerstreetphotography_931 summerstreetphotography_932 summerstreetphotography_933 summerstreetphotography_934 summerstreetphotography_935 summerstreetphotography_936 summerstreetphotography_937 summerstreetphotography_938 summerstreetphotography_939 summerstreetphotography_940 summerstreetphotography_941 summerstreetphotography_942It seems like just yesterday we were photographing Maggie and Louis’ Wedding in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Fast forward a few years, a cross country move and two babies later – this family has grown in size and love. It’s not often we get to document personal friends of ours, but when it happens it’s incredibly special. We enjoy every interaction with Maggie and Louis. They are thoughtful, smart and fun folks to be with. Their kids are lucky to have such strong role models in life! They welcomed their daughter in October and when they invited us to come take photos of their new family of four, we were honored. Big brother R seems to be settling into his role with such grace, and little C is just a bundle of sweetness. Maggie and Louis, we are lucky to call you friends. Thank you for allowing us to photograph your family!

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