Ellen + Chris = Married


Raise your hand if you’re ready for spring! I know we are, and although mother nature is pulling a quick one on us today (fastest summer ever! ha) our stellar Associate Photographer Chuck had the privilege of photographing Ellen and Chris’ Wedding day when spring really was starting to show her pretty face. Ellen and Chris are the complete package. Not only are they smart and attractive but they share their values in the place that matters most: family. The couple shares a happy slew of nieces and nephews who brought a lot of joy to their wedding day. Chris’ mother is deceased, but her presence was felt throughout the day and their centerpiece flowers were her favorite. We love the newlywed bliss they are omitting in these images, and think Chuck did an incredible job telling their wedding story. Congratulations you two!

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The English Countryside


If you live anywhere above Pennsylvania you are DONE with winter. It doesn’t’ matter that it’s technically spring, ole Mother Nature is insisting that it’s still winter. We’re done with that idea, instead of looking at the forecast we’ve decided to put our fingers in our ears and say ‘la la la la’ and feast our eyes upon these images of England that Matt and I took last spring while on vacation. It comes as no surprise that photographers spend most of their vacation taking photos – so the location of said holiday needs to inspire us in more ways than one. We absolutely love taking wedding photos, but sometimes it’s really refreshing to get inspiration in the everyday. It’s especially fun to be an observer of someone else’s “normal” so we were in seventh heaven when we spent a week recharging our batteries in the south and southwest of the United Kingdom. Hope you enjoy these photos as much as we do! Isn’t England beautiful?

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This session lights me on fire. Dance and Photography (and this talented lady) are some of my favorite things in life. You may remember Stephanie from her sweet wedding last fall. In addition to throwing an adorable and heartfelt wedding, she spends her time working as a professional dance artist, massage therapist and Osteopah in training. When she approached us to capture some headshots for her, we jumped at the chance. Once we got in the studio we couldn’t help but break out into some dancing, which turned out to be one of the best parts of her shoot. When we take headshots of talented folks like Stephanie, we like to try to dig a little deeper than just a mugshot of the person. We try to highlight them in their element, so it was only natural that we get some photos of her dancing. Stephanie is sweet, gentle and loyal. Her grounding presence sets her apart from other performers and therapists. We have a big place in our heart for Steph, and were honored to have the opportunity to photograph her.

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Apryl + Ashley = Engaged

Our job is so much fun. We never take for granted how incredible it is to have the opportunity to work with such fantastic people. Telling love stories is probably one of the happiest occupations there is, and when those stories are for genuine, loving people? You might as well pinch us. Apryl and Ashley are a perfect example of this. They share a beautiful love. Their history together involves the sunshine of California, the bitter cold of the midwest, the bustling city of New York and a LOT of plane trips. We met up with them in Boston for a 15 degree Engagement Session. They were troopers as we explored Harvard Square, and Ashley kept Apryl from getting too cold. Their Minnesota Wedding this July will be much warmer (and more green!) and we can’t wait to share in their thoughtful wedding day.

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Panouchi + Jonathan = Engaged


Panouchi and Jon will be tying the knot this April in Minnesota, so when they hired us to shoot their wedding this winter, it left a small window of time to get their Engagement Session done before the winter was over. In the spirit of making lemonade out of lemons, or in this case a snowman out of snow, we decided to embrace winter and have some fun in the subzero temps. We loved exploring the St. Anthony’s Main area of Minneapolis with them in the quiet of a winter’s morning. You’ll be seeing them again soon on the blog, so in the meanwhile let’s bid adieu to winter and welcome in their springtime wedding!


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Lindsay + Jeff = Married


There is something so romantic about winter weddings. The twinkling lights and warmth of a fireplace make coming inside from the blustery cold something of a destination. We’ve seen our share of snow this winter, but everyone welcomed the gentle fall of big fluffy snowflakes on Lindsay and Jeff’s wedding day. We were honored to have the opportunity to tell their story and loved the thoughtful details they infused their wedding day with. From the donation to an animal rescue in lieu of guest favors to the roster of amazing people they chose to invite as their guests….no detail was left unattended. Kind-hearted, loyal and full of love, Lindsay and Jeff were a joy to work with. We are so happy for you two and wish you nothing but the best! Congratulations!

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Baby O


There is pretty much nothing sweeter than a newborn baby. The tiny fingers, sweet cooing sounds and smell of their soft head compares to nothing on this earth (although puppies might be a close second…) and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with with Katie, John, Ruby the dog and the newest addition to their family, Owen. We photographed their wedding back in 2011 and it’s always such an honor to continue relationships with our clients as their love grows. Chuck had the honor of shooting this session and we think it’s safe to say he hit it out of the park. Of course the sweet portraits of Owen are wonderful, but we are especially loving the images with all three of them. The love for Owen radiates out of Katie and John and we hope they treasure these images long past these first few lovely, foggy days. Congratulations you guys! Picture all of us fist bumping Owen right back, as pictured in the last photo.

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