Andi + Alex = Married


SummerStreetPhotography_934SummerStreetPhotography_935SummerStreetPhotography_936SummerStreetPhotography_937SummerStreetPhotography_938SummerStreetPhotography_939SummerStreetPhotography_940SummerStreetPhotography_941SummerStreetPhotography_942SummerStreetPhotography_943SummerStreetPhotography_944SummerStreetPhotography_945SummerStreetPhotography_946SummerStreetPhotography_947SummerStreetPhotography_948SummerStreetPhotography_949SummerStreetPhotography_950SummerStreetPhotography_951SummerStreetPhotography_952SummerStreetPhotography_953SummerStreetPhotography_954SummerStreetPhotography_955SummerStreetPhotography_956SummerStreetPhotography_957SummerStreetPhotography_958SummerStreetPhotography_959SummerStreetPhotography_960SummerStreetPhotography_961SummerStreetPhotography_962SummerStreetPhotography_963SummerStreetPhotography_964SummerStreetPhotography_965SummerStreetPhotography_966SummerStreetPhotography_967SummerStreetPhotography_968SummerStreetPhotography_969SummerStreetPhotography_970SummerStreetPhotography_971SummerStreetPhotography_972SummerStreetPhotography_973SummerStreetPhotography_974SummerStreetPhotography_975SummerStreetPhotography_976SummerStreetPhotography_977SummerStreetPhotography_978SummerStreetPhotography_979SummerStreetPhotography_980SummerStreetPhotography_981SummerStreetPhotography_982SummerStreetPhotography_983SummerStreetPhotography_984SummerStreetPhotography_985SummerStreetPhotography_986SummerStreetPhotography_987SummerStreetPhotography_988SummerStreetPhotography_989SummerStreetPhotography_990SummerStreetPhotography_991SummerStreetPhotography_992SummerStreetPhotography_993SummerStreetPhotography_994SummerStreetPhotography_995SummerStreetPhotography_996SummerStreetPhotography_997SummerStreetPhotography_998SummerStreetPhotography_999SummerStreetPhotography_000 SummerStreetPhotography_001 SummerStreetPhotography_002 SummerStreetPhotography_003 SummerStreetPhotography_004 SummerStreetPhotography_005 SummerStreetPhotography_006 SummerStreetPhotography_007 SummerStreetPhotography_008 SummerStreetPhotography_009 SummerStreetPhotography_010 SummerStreetPhotography_011 SummerStreetPhotography_012 SummerStreetPhotography_013 SummerStreetPhotography_014 SummerStreetPhotography_015 SummerStreetPhotography_016 SummerStreetPhotography_017 SummerStreetPhotography_018 SummerStreetPhotography_019 SummerStreetPhotography_020 SummerStreetPhotography_021In 2015 – pretty much anything goes when it comes to celebrating your wedding. The sky is literally the limit, so this can be a pandora’s box situation for couples getting married today. With limitless options of how to celebrate your wedding, the one commonality between weddings we see executed with greatness whittles down to one thing: personalization. Finding elements that add to the celebration in a meaningful and beautiful way always works. Andi + Alex did this with ease and style. They decided to get married in a quaint little church on the outskirts of the Twin Cities and bring along their dearest friends and family. A procession of classic cars waited for the wedding party after the ceremony where they made a getaway for the backyard reception. Instead of the traditional layout for a wedding reception, Andi and Alex did things their way. The evening was filled with numerous musicians, food stations, an endless tap of Bud Lite and BBQ from a Food Truck. Oh, and there were also Wedding Sausages! Guests mixed and mingled by the bonfire enjoying each others company and hugging the newlyweds. The evening ended with a fabulous display of fireworks and dancing under the stars. It was a very good day, indeed.

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The B*D Family


summerstreetphotography_698 summerstreetphotography_699 summerstreetphotography_700 summerstreetphotography_701 summerstreetphotography_702 summerstreetphotography_703 summerstreetphotography_704 summerstreetphotography_705 summerstreetphotography_706 summerstreetphotography_707 summerstreetphotography_708 summerstreetphotography_709 summerstreetphotography_710 summerstreetphotography_711 summerstreetphotography_712 summerstreetphotography_713 summerstreetphotography_714 summerstreetphotography_715In-home family sessions are some of our most favorite ways to document a family. Shoes are kicked off, people cozy up on the sofa and act like *themselves* together. Nothing is more inspiring or lovely than this. Someday when I look back on a season of my life, I want to remember it as it actually happened; the way your 5 week old’s head smells, watching your first born become a big sister, the tears – the laughter – it’s such a joyous time of life that is filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. When Hannah and Milan invited us to document their newly minted family of four  we were beyond excited. We count these two as some of our dearest friends so spending this time together was such a gift to us. Thank you for allowing us into your home and hearts, Hannah and Milan. We love you four to the moon and back again!

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Janine + Tom = Married


Janine and Tom met at a wedding and according to Janine “Tom was a groomsman. I called “dibs” on him prior to the wedding based on his facebook profile and when he walked into the reception hall wearing a cowboy hat and belt buckle I knew I was a goner! We consider that night the beginning of our relationship.” Tom serves as an army ranger in the 75th ranger regiment based out of Fort Benning, GA. In the fall of 2013, Janine received the dreaded phone call. Tom had been critically injured by a suicide bomber. He lost his right eye and upper half of his nose, broke his right foot, had a collapsed lung, and shrapnel wounds all over his body. But according to Janine’ “his brain & heart were untouched (the best parts!).” These two have been through so much together, and what they say is true: what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger. They celebrated their long awaited wedding a few weeks back at the Salem Cross Inn in West Brookfield, Mass where Chuck (and our talented second shooter, Vina!) captured their emotional and love-filled wedding day. It was a day filled with so much joy, as well as a solemn reminder to live each day to the fullest (as their memorial table for fallen service men and women reminded us). Janine and Tom, we can not imagine two more loving, genuine and giving people. You guys deserve one another, and that says a lot given the solid character and heart you each bring to the table. Congratulations on your marriage and we wish you so many years of love together!

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Christine + Steve = Engaged


summerstreetphotography_607 summerstreetphotography_608 summerstreetphotography_609 summerstreetphotography_610 summerstreetphotography_611 summerstreetphotography_612 summerstreetphotography_613 summerstreetphotography_614 summerstreetphotography_615 summerstreetphotography_616 summerstreetphotography_617 summerstreetphotography_618 summerstreetphotography_619 summerstreetphotography_620 summerstreetphotography_621 summerstreetphotography_622 summerstreetphotography_623 summerstreetphotography_624 summerstreetphotography_625 summerstreetphotography_626 summerstreetphotography_627 summerstreetphotography_628 summerstreetphotography_629 summerstreetphotography_630 summerstreetphotography_631 Earlier this summer I had the pleasure of meeting Christine and Steve in Davis Square in Somerville. They are living in Somerville right now and wanted an Engagement Session where they call home before they tie the knot in upstate New York. They were both so kind, warm hearted and genuine people. I enjoyed shooting around my old neighborhood and seeing these two open up in front of the camera. Thanks for allowing me into this special time of your lives, you two! Congratulations!

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Laura + Chris = Married


SummerStreetPhotography_810 SummerStreetPhotography_811 SummerStreetPhotography_812 SummerStreetPhotography_813 SummerStreetPhotography_814 SummerStreetPhotography_815 SummerStreetPhotography_816 SummerStreetPhotography_817 SummerStreetPhotography_818 SummerStreetPhotography_819 SummerStreetPhotography_820 SummerStreetPhotography_821 SummerStreetPhotography_822 SummerStreetPhotography_823 SummerStreetPhotography_824 SummerStreetPhotography_825 SummerStreetPhotography_826 SummerStreetPhotography_827 SummerStreetPhotography_828 SummerStreetPhotography_829 SummerStreetPhotography_830 SummerStreetPhotography_831 SummerStreetPhotography_832 SummerStreetPhotography_833 SummerStreetPhotography_834 SummerStreetPhotography_835 SummerStreetPhotography_836 SummerStreetPhotography_837 SummerStreetPhotography_838 SummerStreetPhotography_839 SummerStreetPhotography_840 SummerStreetPhotography_841 SummerStreetPhotography_842 SummerStreetPhotography_843 SummerStreetPhotography_844 SummerStreetPhotography_845 SummerStreetPhotography_846 SummerStreetPhotography_847 SummerStreetPhotography_848 SummerStreetPhotography_849 SummerStreetPhotography_850 SummerStreetPhotography_851 SummerStreetPhotography_852 SummerStreetPhotography_853 SummerStreetPhotography_854 SummerStreetPhotography_855 SummerStreetPhotography_856 SummerStreetPhotography_857 SummerStreetPhotography_858 SummerStreetPhotography_859 SummerStreetPhotography_860 SummerStreetPhotography_861 SummerStreetPhotography_862 SummerStreetPhotography_863 SummerStreetPhotography_864 SummerStreetPhotography_865 SummerStreetPhotography_866 SummerStreetPhotography_867 SummerStreetPhotography_868 SummerStreetPhotography_869 SummerStreetPhotography_870 SummerStreetPhotography_871 SummerStreetPhotography_872 SummerStreetPhotography_873 SummerStreetPhotography_874 SummerStreetPhotography_875 SummerStreetPhotography_876 SummerStreetPhotography_877 SummerStreetPhotography_878 SummerStreetPhotography_880 SummerStreetPhotography_881 SummerStreetPhotography_882 SummerStreetPhotography_883 SummerStreetPhotography_884 SummerStreetPhotography_885 SummerStreetPhotography_886 SummerStreetPhotography_887 SummerStreetPhotography_888 SummerStreetPhotography_889 SummerStreetPhotography_890 SummerStreetPhotography_891 SummerStreetPhotography_892 SummerStreetPhotography_893 SummerStreetPhotography_894 SummerStreetPhotography_895 SummerStreetPhotography_896 SummerStreetPhotography_897 SummerStreetPhotography_898 SummerStreetPhotography_899 SummerStreetPhotography_900 SummerStreetPhotography_901 SummerStreetPhotography_902 SummerStreetPhotography_903 SummerStreetPhotography_904 SummerStreetPhotography_905 SummerStreetPhotography_906 SummerStreetPhotography_907 SummerStreetPhotography_908 SummerStreetPhotography_909 SummerStreetPhotography_910 SummerStreetPhotography_911 SummerStreetPhotography_912 SummerStreetPhotography_913 SummerStreetPhotography_914 SummerStreetPhotography_915 SummerStreetPhotography_916 SummerStreetPhotography_917 SummerStreetPhotography_918 SummerStreetPhotography_919 SummerStreetPhotography_920 SummerStreetPhotography_921 SummerStreetPhotography_922 SummerStreetPhotography_923 SummerStreetPhotography_924 SummerStreetPhotography_925 SummerStreetPhotography_926 SummerStreetPhotography_927 SummerStreetPhotography_928 SummerStreetPhotography_929 SummerStreetPhotography_930 SummerStreetPhotography_931 SummerStreetPhotography_932If we built a formula for a successful wedding, Laura and Chris’ wedding would check every box (times 100!). A beautiful setting with meaning to the couple. Check. Clean and simple locations that don’t distract from the event. Check. An A+ vendor team who brings their game face. Check. A day-of timeline that doesn’t try to cram in too much and allows the couple to feel un-rushed. Check. A lively bunch of family and friends who pour their love on the couple. Check. And finally, two people that are head over heels for one another and make their lives more full by constantly raising the bar for each other to bring out the best in the other. Check check check. It was such a pleasure capturing Laura + Chris’ Wedding. Matt and Chuck made for a dream team together and we’re loving the photos that represented such a loving and wonderful day. Congratulations Laura + Chris! We know you’ll share many years of happiness and adventure.

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The B*G Family


summerstreetphotography_673 summerstreetphotography_674 summerstreetphotography_675 summerstreetphotography_676 summerstreetphotography_677 summerstreetphotography_678 summerstreetphotography_679 summerstreetphotography_680 summerstreetphotography_681 summerstreetphotography_682 summerstreetphotography_683 summerstreetphotography_684 summerstreetphotography_685 summerstreetphotography_686 summerstreetphotography_687 summerstreetphotography_688 summerstreetphotography_689 summerstreetphotography_690 summerstreetphotography_691 summerstreetphotography_692 summerstreetphotography_693 summerstreetphotography_694 summerstreetphotography_695 summerstreetphotography_696 summerstreetphotography_697We love this job for so many reasons. The biggest being that we are given the honor of coming into people’s lives during such emotional and vulnerable moments. Falling in love, getting engaged, getting married, having a baby and watching your family grow and change – these are the exciting years of life and it’s with a full heart that we get to celebrate these times with our clients. When Maggie and Nick invited me to capture some photos of their sweet family on their little boy’s first birthday I was so excited to document this stage for these three. Making it through the first year of your first child’s life is a major accomplishment (those of you who have been there totally understand) and these two are doing life and parenting with such grace and ease. Their family radiates love and I hope the photos speak that to you today. Thank you for letting me into your beautiful lives, Maggie and Nick! Little G is irresistible!

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