Brooke + Eric = Married


BrookeEricWedding_001 BrookeEricWedding_002 BrookeEricWedding_003 BrookeEricWedding_004 BrookeEricWedding_005 BrookeEricWedding_006 BrookeEricWedding_007 BrookeEricWedding_008 BrookeEricWedding_009 BrookeEricWedding_010 BrookeEricWedding_011 BrookeEricWedding_012 BrookeEricWedding_013 BrookeEricWedding_014 BrookeEricWedding_015 BrookeEricWedding_016 BrookeEricWedding_017 BrookeEricWedding_018 BrookeEricWedding_019 BrookeEricWedding_020 BrookeEricWedding_021 BrookeEricWedding_022 BrookeEricWedding_023 BrookeEricWedding_024 BrookeEricWedding_025 BrookeEricWedding_026 BrookeEricWedding_027 BrookeEricWedding_028 BrookeEricWedding_029 BrookeEricWedding_030 BrookeEricWedding_031 BrookeEricWedding_032 BrookeEricWedding_033 BrookeEricWedding_034 BrookeEricWedding_035 BrookeEricWedding_036 BrookeEricWedding_037 BrookeEricWedding_038 BrookeEricWedding_039 BrookeEricWedding_040 BrookeEricWedding_041 BrookeEricWedding_042 BrookeEricWedding_043 BrookeEricWedding_044 BrookeEricWedding_045 BrookeEricWedding_046 BrookeEricWedding_047 BrookeEricWedding_048 BrookeEricWedding_049 BrookeEricWedding_050 BrookeEricWedding_051 BrookeEricWedding_052 BrookeEricWedding_053 BrookeEricWedding_054 BrookeEricWedding_055 BrookeEricWedding_056 BrookeEricWedding_057 BrookeEricWedding_058 BrookeEricWedding_059 BrookeEricWedding_060 BrookeEricWedding_061 BrookeEricWedding_062 BrookeEricWedding_063 BrookeEricWedding_064 BrookeEricWedding_065 BrookeEricWedding_066 BrookeEricWedding_067 BrookeEricWedding_068 BrookeEricWedding_069 BrookeEricWedding_070 BrookeEricWedding_071 BrookeEricWedding_072 BrookeEricWedding_073 BrookeEricWedding_074 BrookeEricWedding_075 BrookeEricWedding_076 BrookeEricWedding_077 BrookeEricWedding_078 BrookeEricWedding_079 BrookeEricWedding_080This wedding is special to me for a few reasons. First off, it’s the first wedding I’ve photographed in my hometown of Yankton, South Dakota. When the beautiful bride, Brooke, asked me on her wedding day if I’d ever photographed a wedding in Yankton, I had to think for a moment but realized that no, I hadn’t ever shot there before. After five years of doing this full time it was definitely time to break that ice – and Brooke, Eric and their crew certainly did! These two wanted a love filled celebration that allowed their nearest and dearest 400 guests to kick off their marriage with a HECK of a party. One that spanned two states, in fact. You see, Brooke grew up in Yankton and Eric grew up right across the river in Crofton, Nebraska. They got ready in one of the oldest buildings in town – the Dakota Territorial Capital building (once upon a time Yankton was the capital of SD) which sits right on the river and has a beautiful park as its yard which made for some lovely photos before the ceremony. They said ‘I do’ at Brooke’s childhood church and after the ceremony the entire wedding party took a booze cruise around Yankton which was buzzing with energy and music. It was literally a party on wheels. Of course I had to drag them into a corn field for a big wedding party photo after which the celebration continued into Nebraska where they joined their guests at the Crofton Auditorium for the reception. It was a fun-filled day that we were happy to get to share in! Congratulations Brooke and Eric! Thanks for having us!

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Ryann + Ted = Married


KimChungWedding_001KimChungWedding_002KimChungWedding_003KimChungWedding_004KimChungWedding_005KimChungWedding_006KimChungWedding_007KimChungWedding_008KimChungWedding_009KimChungWedding_010KimChungWedding_011KimChungWedding_012KimChungWedding_013KimChungWedding_014KimChungWedding_015KimChungWedding_016KimChungWedding_017KimChungWedding_018KimChungWedding_019KimChungWedding_020KimChungWedding_021KimChungWedding_022KimChungWedding_023KimChungWedding_024KimChungWedding_025KimChungWedding_026KimChungWedding_027KimChungWedding_028KimChungWedding_029KimChungWedding_030KimChungWedding_031KimChungWedding_032KimChungWedding_033KimChungWedding_034KimChungWedding_035KimChungWedding_036KimChungWedding_037KimChungWedding_038KimChungWedding_039KimChungWedding_040KimChungWedding_041KimChungWedding_042KimChungWedding_043KimChungWedding_044KimChungWedding_045KimChungWedding_046KimChungWedding_047KimChungWedding_048KimChungWedding_049KimChungWedding_050KimChungWedding_051KimChungWedding_052KimChungWedding_053KimChungWedding_054KimChungWedding_055KimChungWedding_056KimChungWedding_057KimChungWedding_058KimChungWedding_059KimChungWedding_060KimChungWedding_061KimChungWedding_062KimChungWedding_063KimChungWedding_064KimChungWedding_065KimChungWedding_066KimChungWedding_067KimChungWedding_068KimChungWedding_069KimChungWedding_070KimChungWedding_071KimChungWedding_072KimChungWedding_073KimChungWedding_074KimChungWedding_075KimChungWedding_076KimChungWedding_077KimChungWedding_078KimChungWedding_079KimChungWedding_080KimChungWedding_081KimChungWedding_082KimChungWedding_083KimChungWedding_084KimChungWedding_085KimChungWedding_086KimChungWedding_087KimChungWedding_088KimChungWedding_089KimChungWedding_090KimChungWedding_091KimChungWedding_092KimChungWedding_093KimChungWedding_094KimChungWedding_095KimChungWedding_096KimChungWedding_097KimChungWedding_098KimChungWedding_099KimChungWedding_100KimChungWedding_101KimChungWedding_102KimChungWedding_103KimChungWedding_104KimChungWedding_105KimChungWedding_106KimChungWedding_107KimChungWedding_108KimChungWedding_109KimChungWedding_110KimChungWedding_111KimChungWedding_112KimChungWedding_113KimChungWedding_114KimChungWedding_115KimChungWedding_116KimChungWedding_117KimChungWedding_118KimChungWedding_119KimChungWedding_120KimChungWedding_121KimChungWedding_122There are some weddings that we leave with more energy than when we started. Ryann and Ted’s big day was definitely one of them. These two are full of life, love and laughter – and anyone who knows them knows this is not a cliche for this pair. Working in new environments always makes us excited to be doing what we’re doing, so when Ryann gave us her vision with some of Chicago’s prettiest landmarks as spots she wanted incorporated into her wedding photos we were all in. From start to finish Ryann and Ted were emotionally present and enjoying their day which makes the whole experience more relaxed and fun. We had a blast photographing this one and hope you can see that in their wedding story. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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Emily + Rob = Married


Emily and Rob are just the best. Smart, compassionate and full of class – these two are as good as it gets. They threw an elegantly laid-back wedding for their nearest and dearest to celebrate their first day as husband and wife. The Endicott Estate serves as a stunning backdrop for any event, but we felt like it was effortlessly suited for this wedding, fitting in somewhere between F Scott Fizgerald’s, The Great Gatsby and a Jane Austen novel. (Maybe it was the slew of handsome men in tuxes or Emily’s graceful bridal style that did us in?) It also says a lot about a couple when the groom asks his father to be his best man. We love everything these two are about, and feel so fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to document their wedding day. Emily and Rob, we wish you years of happiness together!

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Holli + Menzie = Married


Every wedding we photograph has a unique beauty to it. People celebrate their unions in their own way – and we love how diverse this can be from couple to couple. Sometimes though, there are weddings where every single element is ON FIRE. Holli + Menzie’s wedding was such an event. The beautiful bride’s sister just happens to be in the wedding industry (hi Amy!) which is the best of all worlds when you have someone so close to you, and who knows you as a couple so well, help turn your wedding into a personal, beautiful event that is professionally orchestrated in every detail. The vendor team was A+++, and for us that means folks who are not only insanely talented at what they do, but also wonderful people to work with who share a vision of pampering the couple with their talents. What really made this wedding work though, was the connection Holli and Menzie share. It’s clear they were made for one another and their love gave off such a radiant, welcoming vibe to everyone at Orchestra Hall that night. Holli and Menzie – you guys are the real deal. We have loved getting to know you and know you will have so many years of happiness together. Congratulations!

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The J*S Family


There are so many reasons we love this work. The most important, however, is family documentation. As an example: my parents are moving out of my childhood home and passed along a few totes of childhood memories and memorabilia. Not wanting to house boxes and boxes of un sentimental belongings, I did what any responsible home owner does and went through it all to make sure I was keeping the good stuff. Little did I realize how emotionally difficult it was when I got to the 5 gallon tub of photos. These photos are SO precious to me, and capture times in my childhood that seem like just yesterday, but when I look at how young I was, or how much my family has changed since these images, they are a reminder of how quickly time passes and how important it is to cherish each day. That’s how we approach our work on Summer Street. Sure, we can take pretty pictures, but it’s who is IN THEM that makes them so special as time goes on. Documenting growing families is such an honor, so when Nora and Ryan asked us to capture some images of their sweet family, we were all in. Nora and Ryan are sensitive, warm and have huge hearts. It’s no surprise that they are fantastic parents to their little ones (who were also SO easy to photograph…just look at them!). Thank you for allowing us into your lives to capture this special time. We hope when your kids are grown and you give them their tubs of memories that they stop in their tracks and call to say how much they love you when they see these photos.

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Stacy + Tom = Married


It seems like everywhere you look, small is the new big. People are opting for homes with smaller footprints, all my friends are downsizing their wardrobes to simplify their lives and we’re seeing more and more weddings that have small guest lists. We’ve always loved intimate weddings, so when Stacy and Tom asked us to capture a few hours of their wedding at Grandview Lodge ‘up north’ in Nisswa, Minnesota – we were all in. We have family ties to this area, so we already knew what a beautiful, serene area this was and loved watching Stacy and Tom’s vision for a laid back, love-filled wedding come to life. They are in a season of exciting changes, and we couldn’t be more excited for this deserving pair. Congratulations, Stacy and Tom!

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