Ingrid + Keith = Married


summerstreetphotography_0247 summerstreetphotography_0248 summerstreetphotography_0249 summerstreetphotography_0250 summerstreetphotography_0251 summerstreetphotography_0252 summerstreetphotography_0253 summerstreetphotography_0254 summerstreetphotography_0255 summerstreetphotography_0256 summerstreetphotography_0257 summerstreetphotography_0258 summerstreetphotography_0259 summerstreetphotography_0260 summerstreetphotography_0261 summerstreetphotography_0262 summerstreetphotography_0263 summerstreetphotography_0264 summerstreetphotography_0265 summerstreetphotography_0266 summerstreetphotography_0267 summerstreetphotography_0268 summerstreetphotography_0269 summerstreetphotography_0270 summerstreetphotography_0271 summerstreetphotography_0272 summerstreetphotography_0273 summerstreetphotography_0274 summerstreetphotography_0275 summerstreetphotography_0276 summerstreetphotography_0277 summerstreetphotography_0278 summerstreetphotography_0279 summerstreetphotography_0280 summerstreetphotography_0281 summerstreetphotography_0282 summerstreetphotography_0283 summerstreetphotography_0284 summerstreetphotography_0285 summerstreetphotography_0286 summerstreetphotography_0287 summerstreetphotography_0288 summerstreetphotography_0289 summerstreetphotography_0290 summerstreetphotography_0291 summerstreetphotography_0292 summerstreetphotography_0293 summerstreetphotography_0294 summerstreetphotography_0295 summerstreetphotography_0296 summerstreetphotography_0297 summerstreetphotography_0298 summerstreetphotography_0299 summerstreetphotography_0300 summerstreetphotography_0301 summerstreetphotography_0302 summerstreetphotography_0303 summerstreetphotography_0304 summerstreetphotography_0305 summerstreetphotography_0306 summerstreetphotography_0307 summerstreetphotography_0308 summerstreetphotography_0309 summerstreetphotography_0310 summerstreetphotography_0311 summerstreetphotography_0312 summerstreetphotography_0313 summerstreetphotography_0314 summerstreetphotography_0315 summerstreetphotography_0316 summerstreetphotography_0317 summerstreetphotography_0319 summerstreetphotography_0320It seems that every couple’s worst fear regarding their wedding day revolves around the possibility of rain. It makes so much sense, because you plan and envision exactly what you want for the celebration, and if all of your plans have to change at the last minute it’s disappointing not to have one of your favorite elements (the outdoors!) incorporate into your special day. So when rain was in the forecast for Ingrid + Keith’s Wedding on Stout’s Island in Birchwood, Wisconsin (an incredible resort on an island with a historic camp vibe) we all began to worry a bit. When all things came to fruition, it did end up raining on and off on their wedding, but as old wisdom commands: you can’t untie a wet knot. There were still dryer portions of the day where they were able to go outside, and the indoor elements with rain softly falling on the mossy wooden shingles and dewy flowers glistening outside made for quite a cozy evening party. It was perfect, really, and made their day more special. Some of the highlights from the day included a newlywed lake cruise on a vintage boat right after the ceremony, a surprise serenade that Ingrid prepared for Keith during their reception and a Japanese Lantern send – off into the drizzly night sky. It was a fantastic day, and one we were honored to attend and document. Congratulations to Ingrid and Keith!

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Alicia + John = Engaged


summerstreetphotography_0105 summerstreetphotography_0106 summerstreetphotography_0107 summerstreetphotography_0108 summerstreetphotography_0109 summerstreetphotography_0110 summerstreetphotography_0111 summerstreetphotography_0112 summerstreetphotography_0113 summerstreetphotography_0114 summerstreetphotography_0115 summerstreetphotography_0116 summerstreetphotography_0117 summerstreetphotography_0118 summerstreetphotography_0119 summerstreetphotography_0120 summerstreetphotography_0121 summerstreetphotography_0122 summerstreetphotography_0123 summerstreetphotography_0124 summerstreetphotography_0125 summerstreetphotography_0126 summerstreetphotography_0127 summerstreetphotography_0128 summerstreetphotography_0129Alicia + John’s Jamaica Pond Engagement Session is such a great example of how to take an Engagement Session and turn it into something personal, unique and yet still low-key and focused on the couple. The internet is a dangerous place for wedding planning these days, and sometimes couples enter into the Engagement Session process and think they need a pony, floral crown, hot air balloon AND a puppy to have a really great shoot. It’s no secret that we’re fans of keeping it simple – and keeping it about YOU. Unless of course you’re both circus performers and need all those props. Alicia and John hit the nail on the head when they decided they’d like to incorporate some of the best parts of where they live and highlight what they love, namely each other and their dog, Kane. Matt joined them for a warm summer evening on Jamaica Pond where they rented a row boat and brought along some bubbly to enjoy. We LOVE the way these images turned out and think they are quite fun without distracting from the lovely couple themselves. Afterward they brought Matt back to meet their pup Kane and got a few photos around their neighborhood in the late summer’s evening. It was a fun shoot, and only preludes to the kind of amazing that will be served up at their wedding next summer. We can’t wait to document it all, but we’ll have to dream of summer with these photos until we get there.

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summerstreetphotography_0130 summerstreetphotography_0131 summerstreetphotography_0132 summerstreetphotography_0133 summerstreetphotography_0134 summerstreetphotography_0135 summerstreetphotography_0136 summerstreetphotography_0137 summerstreetphotography_0138 summerstreetphotography_0139 summerstreetphotography_0140 summerstreetphotography_0141 summerstreetphotography_0142 summerstreetphotography_0143 summerstreetphotography_0144 summerstreetphotography_0145 summerstreetphotography_0146 summerstreetphotography_0147 summerstreetphotography_0148 summerstreetphotography_0149 summerstreetphotography_0150 summerstreetphotography_0151 summerstreetphotography_0152 summerstreetphotography_0153 summerstreetphotography_0154 summerstreetphotography_0155 summerstreetphotography_0156 summerstreetphotography_0157 summerstreetphotography_0158 summerstreetphotography_0159 summerstreetphotography_0160 summerstreetphotography_0161 summerstreetphotography_0162 summerstreetphotography_0163Be still my heart! If there is such thing as sunshine on the internet, this is a close as it gets folks. I had the honor of photographing Krista for some updated headshots and yoga photos for her website that is in the works. Krista is an accomplished vocal performer, yoga instructor and all around grounded and wonderful person. We went to college together, and it’s always great to see how people who majored in the performing arts in college are incorporating their craft into the “working world” almost ten years after graduating. Freelancing has its challenges and perks, but everyone I know who is practicing their art has additional jobs to support themselves. For some (myself included) that supporting gig becomes a very important part of the journey where the practice informs their original training and vice versa. Krista has made quite a name for herself in the Yoga community and has found a way to meld two loves into a beautiful life. For this shoot, we wanted to incorporate some of Krista’s many loves into photographs for her to share on her site. Since she loves spending time outdoors, we had to find a beautifully simple outdoor space to take photos of her practicing yoga. Her dog Askel joined in on the fun and I just LOVE the images of the two of them together. For the second part of the shoot we went to our studio in Lowertown where we took some more traditional head shots as well as some fun ones on her bike (her preferred method of transportation). This was such a fun shoot and it was an honor to spend time with such a vibrant person. Thank you for allowing me to capture your beautiful self, Krista! So many good things are in store for you.

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Tara + Jamie = Married


SummerStreetPhotography_951 SummerStreetPhotography_952 SummerStreetPhotography_953 SummerStreetPhotography_954 SummerStreetPhotography_955 SummerStreetPhotography_956 SummerStreetPhotography_957 SummerStreetPhotography_958 SummerStreetPhotography_959 SummerStreetPhotography_960 SummerStreetPhotography_961 SummerStreetPhotography_962 SummerStreetPhotography_963 SummerStreetPhotography_964 SummerStreetPhotography_965 SummerStreetPhotography_966 SummerStreetPhotography_967 SummerStreetPhotography_968 SummerStreetPhotography_969 SummerStreetPhotography_970 SummerStreetPhotography_971 SummerStreetPhotography_972 SummerStreetPhotography_973 SummerStreetPhotography_974 SummerStreetPhotography_975 SummerStreetPhotography_976 SummerStreetPhotography_977 SummerStreetPhotography_978 SummerStreetPhotography_979 SummerStreetPhotography_980 SummerStreetPhotography_981 SummerStreetPhotography_982 SummerStreetPhotography_983 SummerStreetPhotography_984 SummerStreetPhotography_985 SummerStreetPhotography_986 SummerStreetPhotography_987 SummerStreetPhotography_988 SummerStreetPhotography_989 SummerStreetPhotography_990 SummerStreetPhotography_991 SummerStreetPhotography_992 SummerStreetPhotography_993 SummerStreetPhotography_994 SummerStreetPhotography_995 SummerStreetPhotography_996 SummerStreetPhotography_997 SummerStreetPhotography_998 SummerStreetPhotography_999SummerStreetPhotography_001 SummerStreetPhotography_002 SummerStreetPhotography_003 SummerStreetPhotography_004 SummerStreetPhotography_005 SummerStreetPhotography_006 SummerStreetPhotography_007 SummerStreetPhotography_008 SummerStreetPhotography_009 SummerStreetPhotography_010 SummerStreetPhotography_011 SummerStreetPhotography_012 SummerStreetPhotography_013 SummerStreetPhotography_014 SummerStreetPhotography_015 SummerStreetPhotography_016 SummerStreetPhotography_017 SummerStreetPhotography_018 SummerStreetPhotography_019 SummerStreetPhotography_020 SummerStreetPhotography_021 SummerStreetPhotography_022 SummerStreetPhotography_023 SummerStreetPhotography_024 SummerStreetPhotography_025 SummerStreetPhotography_026 SummerStreetPhotography_027 SummerStreetPhotography_029 SummerStreetPhotography_030 SummerStreetPhotography_031 SummerStreetPhotography_032 SummerStreetPhotography_033 SummerStreetPhotography_034 SummerStreetPhotography_035 SummerStreetPhotography_036 SummerStreetPhotography_037 SummerStreetPhotography_038 SummerStreetPhotography_039 SummerStreetPhotography_040 SummerStreetPhotography_041 SummerStreetPhotography_042 SummerStreetPhotography_043 SummerStreetPhotography_044 SummerStreetPhotography_045 SummerStreetPhotography_046 SummerStreetPhotography_047 SummerStreetPhotography_048 SummerStreetPhotography_049 SummerStreetPhotography_050 SummerStreetPhotography_051 SummerStreetPhotography_052 SummerStreetPhotography_053 SummerStreetPhotography_054 SummerStreetPhotography_055 SummerStreetPhotography_056 SummerStreetPhotography_057 SummerStreetPhotography_058 SummerStreetPhotography_059 SummerStreetPhotography_060 SummerStreetPhotography_061Tara and Jamie were married on a hot summery day in Boston. If there is one theme that sticks out in our minds that remains from their wedding, it would be community. From the beginning, Tara and Jamie were clear that their wedding day not only be about their commitment to one another, but also to honor the communities that have surrounded them as they’ve grown up together. The day started with Tara and her bridesmaids and family getting ready at her childhood home in Winchester while Jamie and his guys got ready downtown. Their ceremony was held at the striking St. Ignatius Church (on the campus of Boston College) where they saw one another for the first time. Tara took a few deep breaths and floated down the aisle while Jamie beamed. They choose the Boston College Club downtown Boston which boasts one of *the most* beautiful Boston skyline views in the city, but before settling into the party we made a photo pit stop at Post Office square to capture their newlywed glow. The community theme grew as they hugged and toasted with their guests. At one point during the cocktail hour the rooms that sprawled among the Boston College Club were buzzing with the happy sounds of laOur fabulous Associate Photographer Chuck joined us for this wedding as well, so it’s fun to see our New England team’s voices working together on one event.

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The S Family


2016-09-06_0002 2016-09-06_0003 2016-09-06_0004 2016-09-06_0005 2016-09-06_0006 2016-09-06_0007 2016-09-06_0008 2016-09-06_0009 2016-09-06_0010 2016-09-06_0011 2016-09-06_0012 2016-09-06_0013 2016-09-06_0014 2016-09-06_0015 2016-09-06_0016 2016-09-06_0017 2016-09-06_0018 2016-09-06_0019 2016-09-06_0020 2016-09-06_0021 2016-09-06_0022 2016-09-06_0023 2016-09-06_0024 2016-09-06_0025 2016-09-06_0027In a world where time seems to fly faster than any of us can keep up with, there are two things that slow us down: birth and death. While we honor and respect the end of life process, our work has focused on many beginnings for people: new relationships, new marriages, new life. And while both seasons of life teach us many things, we’ve found great joy in our work where life and love are expanding.  It was without question then – when the S family reached out to ask us to document their growing family this summer as they welcomed a little girl into their lives that we were honored. It’s clear that baby L seems to have found her place among this joyful trio, now happily a team of four. Chuck documented this session for us, and we are smitten with the results. Even among the happy chaos of a busy toddler flying around there is still a quiet dependency and bond developing within this family as they meet the needs of sweet little L. She’s a lucky little peach, and we were glad to have the privilege of meeting these four during this special season of their lives.

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Cass + Matt = Engaged


2016-09-01_0001 2016-09-01_0002 2016-09-01_0003 2016-09-01_0004 2016-09-01_0005 2016-09-01_0006 2016-09-01_0007 2016-09-01_0008 2016-09-01_0009 2016-09-01_0010 2016-09-01_0011 2016-09-01_0012 2016-09-01_0013 2016-09-01_0014 2016-09-01_0015 2016-09-01_0016 2016-09-01_0017 2016-09-01_0018 2016-09-01_0019 2016-09-01_0020 2016-09-01_0021 2016-09-01_0022 2016-09-01_0023 2016-09-01_0024 2016-09-01_0025 2016-09-01_0026 2016-09-01_0027Some of our couples are on the fence about whether to do an Engagement Session or not. We are always big fans of going for one for several reasons. First off, they are similar to a catering tasting or wedding dress fitting, both of which are preparations to help the Wedding Day run more smoothly. Secondly, they are just plain *fun*. Some couples can have nerves about being in front of the camera, which we totally get. Matt and I purposefully put ourselves in front of someone else’s camera on an annual basis so we are constantly reminded what it’s like to be in front of that little black box – and it can be scary! It’s our job to make it fun and easy, so we do this the best way we know how – with a very laid back approach. When we have the luxury of an hour or so with nothing to do but take photos with two people in a great location, good things happen. It makes the wedding day a much easier task when it comes to photos since we’ve already built up the repertoire and we feel like old friends versus vendors. I met up with Cass in Matt back in July (HOW is it September 1st already!?) and they needed NO prompting from me to shine in front of the camera. They are naturally warm and affectionate with one another and putting them in an early morning Minneapolis sunrise on the Stone Arch Bridge made this session a breeze. We are looking forward to shooting their wedding next May and know that this is just a small taste of really great things to come. Cass and Matt, you guys are the bees knees! Thanks for sharing your love.

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Jessica + Zack = Married


summerstreetphotography_042 summerstreetphotography_043 summerstreetphotography_044 summerstreetphotography_045 summerstreetphotography_046 summerstreetphotography_047 summerstreetphotography_048 summerstreetphotography_049 summerstreetphotography_050 summerstreetphotography_051 summerstreetphotography_052 summerstreetphotography_053 summerstreetphotography_054 summerstreetphotography_055 summerstreetphotography_056 summerstreetphotography_057 summerstreetphotography_058 summerstreetphotography_059 summerstreetphotography_060 summerstreetphotography_061 summerstreetphotography_062 summerstreetphotography_063 summerstreetphotography_064 summerstreetphotography_065 summerstreetphotography_066 summerstreetphotography_067 summerstreetphotography_068 summerstreetphotography_069 summerstreetphotography_070 summerstreetphotography_071 summerstreetphotography_072 summerstreetphotography_073 summerstreetphotography_074 summerstreetphotography_075 summerstreetphotography_076 summerstreetphotography_077 summerstreetphotography_078 summerstreetphotography_079 summerstreetphotography_080 summerstreetphotography_081 summerstreetphotography_082 summerstreetphotography_083 summerstreetphotography_084 summerstreetphotography_085 summerstreetphotography_086 summerstreetphotography_088 summerstreetphotography_089 summerstreetphotography_090 summerstreetphotography_091 summerstreetphotography_092 summerstreetphotography_093 summerstreetphotography_094 summerstreetphotography_095 summerstreetphotography_096 summerstreetphotography_097 summerstreetphotography_098 summerstreetphotography_099 summerstreetphotography_100 summerstreetphotography_101 summerstreetphotography_102 summerstreetphotography_103 summerstreetphotography_104 summerstreetphotography_105 summerstreetphotography_106 summerstreetphotography_107 summerstreetphotography_108 summerstreetphotography_109 summerstreetphotography_110 summerstreetphotography_111 summerstreetphotography_112 summerstreetphotography_113 summerstreetphotography_114 summerstreetphotography_115 summerstreetphotography_116 summerstreetphotography_117 summerstreetphotography_118 summerstreetphotography_119 summerstreetphotography_120 summerstreetphotography_121 summerstreetphotography_122 summerstreetphotography_123 summerstreetphotography_124 summerstreetphotography_125 summerstreetphotography_126 summerstreetphotography_127 summerstreetphotography_128 summerstreetphotography_129 summerstreetphotography_130 summerstreetphotography_131 summerstreetphotography_132 summerstreetphotography_133 summerstreetphotography_134 summerstreetphotography_135 summerstreetphotography_136 summerstreetphotography_137 summerstreetphotography_138 summerstreetphotography_139 summerstreetphotography_140 summerstreetphotography_141 summerstreetphotography_142 summerstreetphotography_143 summerstreetphotography_144 summerstreetphotography_145 summerstreetphotography_146 summerstreetphotography_147 summerstreetphotography_148 summerstreetphotography_149What a fantastic Wedding Day Jessica and Zack had. Everything about these two is so genuine. They are honest, loving, gentle, hard-working, creative and talented to boot. Both being professional modern dancers, our paths first crossed with Jessica almost ten years ago in the Minnesota dance community. Zack came into Jess’s life shortly after but it wasn’t until they were planning their wedding that we got to know him better. Every interaction we’ve shared with them has proven that Jess has found a gem in Zack. When they started planning their wedding they quickly found the perfect place to gather their closest family and friends for their union: Minnetonka Orchards. The sweeping vista of trees and green grass whispers a peaceful calm in a way only rural Minnesota can do. Minutes outside the metro area, it would serve as a fantastic backdrop for Jess’ out of state family and Zack’s local crew. They’ve built a family of friends here in Minnesota as well, so their wedding was filled with lots of loving guests to cheer these two on as they became husband and wife. Their wedding day was just what they hoped for; a laid-back gathering bringing together the communities who have seen them this far and a fantastic party filled with local food, great drinks and DANCING. Oh the dancing! There are moments where we wish we could be videographers – and Jess and Zack’s first dance was one of them. We know their future together will be filled with choreographed (and improvised) adventures which we are thrilled to stand on the sidelines and cheer for. Congratulations Jess and Zack, we just love you two!

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