The J*S Family


There are so many reasons we love this work. The most important, however, is family documentation. As an example: my parents are moving out of my childhood home and passed along a few totes of childhood memories and memorabilia. Not wanting to house boxes and boxes of un sentimental belongings, I did what any responsible home owner does and went through it all to make sure I was keeping the good stuff. Little did I realize how emotionally difficult it was when I got to the 5 gallon tub of photos. These photos are SO precious to me, and capture times in my childhood that seem like just yesterday, but when I look at how young I was, or how much my family has changed since these images, they are a reminder of how quickly time passes and how important it is to cherish each day. That’s how we approach our work on Summer Street. Sure, we can take pretty pictures, but it’s who is IN THEM that makes them so special as time goes on. Documenting growing families is such an honor, so when Nora and Ryan asked us to capture some images of their sweet family, we were all in. Nora and Ryan are sensitive, warm and have huge hearts. It’s no surprise that they are fantastic parents to their little ones (who were also SO easy to photograph…just look at them!). Thank you for allowing us into your lives to capture this special time. We hope when your kids are grown and you give them their tubs of memories that they stop in their tracks and call to say how much they love you when they see these photos.

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Stacy + Tom = Married


It seems like everywhere you look, small is the new big. People are opting for homes with smaller footprints, all my friends are downsizing their wardrobes to simplify their lives and we’re seeing more and more weddings that have small guest lists. We’ve always loved intimate weddings, so when Stacy and Tom asked us to capture a few hours of their wedding at Grandview Lodge ‘up north’ in Nisswa, Minnesota – we were all in. We have family ties to this area, so we already knew what a beautiful, serene area this was and loved watching Stacy and Tom’s vision for a laid back, love-filled wedding come to life. They are in a season of exciting changes, and we couldn’t be more excited for this deserving pair. Congratulations, Stacy and Tom!

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Baby F


If ever there was a baby who will grow up in the best of homes, sweet little baby F is the prime candidate. We had the pleasure of photographing Kaitlyn + Ryan’s New Hampshire wedding a few summers back, and throughout our time working together we were smitten with their creativity, loving hearts and genuine spirits. When they asked us to capture their newest addition to the family, we were on board immediately. Chuck joined the new family of three for an afternoon of photos and we are fairly certain he’s developed a more beautiful and sophisticated photo approach with newborns than us at this point. We’re obsessed with this collection of images! Lovely seems to capture it perfectly, which is entirely fitting for this family. Kaitlyn and Ryan, we are thrilled for you during this exciting time. Congratulations!

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Lena + Robert = Engaged


Lena and Rob are really good for each other. Lena is grounded, sweet and sees the good in everyone. Rob is adventurous, spirited and has a heart of gold. Together they face life head-on, and in their words, at 100 Miles Per Hour. We had a fun little adventure of our own recently when I photographed the two of them on the bluffs of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis. They were up for anything and clearly very comfortable in front of the camera. We are so excited for them as they venture into their new chapter together, and are secretly hoping they pack us in their suitcase when they elope in Ireland next year! Congrats you two!

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The L Family


We can’t tell you what a privilege it is to watch our couples grow into beautiful families. Nicole and Jeff have been long time Summer Street supporters, starting back to their dating relationship and commissioning us to photograph them as a couple. Fast forward a few years and we’re shooting their Engagement Session and Wedding. Now they’ve welcomed two beautiful boys into their family and asked us to capture some photos of this special time in their lives. We love the challenge of shooting indoors, and with a newborn in cold months there really isn’t a better option than shooting in the studio if a family wants something a little more formal than their own home. At just 18 months apart, these two boys are going to grow up as the best of friends. It’s obvious already that big brother is doing a great job, and sweet little brother will have a strong role model to look up to. We couldn’t resist taking a few images of the newest member of this clan who was the perfect subject with his clear blue eyes locking right into the camera. Nicole and Jeff, we are thrilled for you during this exciting and exhausting time. Our hearts are full of love for you four and we are honored to capture your family as it continues to grow!

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Kristen + Tim = Married


If there is something most all our clients have in common, it’s that they don’t take themselves too seriously, which is impressive given that they are equally talented and kind. Kristen and Tim certainly fit this bill, in addition to having such a welcoming presence about them. As you can likely tell from their wedding, these two are so great together and know how to throw a lively party. Chuck ventured up to Portsmouth, New Hampshire where the couple got ready for the day and then bared the chilly temps and mountains of snow for some portraits outside (Kristen knows how to rock a sequined shrug, doesn’t she?). They ventured over to The Rivermill at Dover Landing for their ceremony and reception, where their nearest and dearest joined together to toast to the newlyweds. Another job well done by Chuck, and a fantastic start to a beautiful marriage. All in all a good days work. Congratulations Kristen and Tim!

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Baby P – Half Birthday


Is there anything sweeter than a six month old baby? If this thought had never crossed your mind until today, I’m convinced you are now persuaded after seeing baby P in her half-year old glory. I MEAN COME ON! She is just *waiting* for her debut as a Baby Gap model, isn’t she? It’s so rewarding working with families throughout the first year of their child’s life. We started this journey last summer with Ashely and Adam’s Expecting Session, then we met darling baby P in August, and now we are 6 months later. You’ll see this family again when their sweet pea turns one, and then we’ll create an heirloom album with all four of these photo sessions in them. I can’t wait to hold that album in my hands and hand it over to these proud parents. If one thing is certain, time is the enemy of change, and babies are the number one proof of this. Kids grow and change so quickly – the first year especially – so this is such a treasure to share. We’ll see these three on the blog in a short few months!

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