Wedding Overload

We’re getting very excited to photograph your wedding! In order to prepare in every way possible, we’ve put together a ‘Wedding Day Information Overload’ Packet for you to complete so we can have the most complete picture of your big day well ahead of schedule. As a reminder, Kendra’s cell is 952.303.1513 and Matt’s is 651.503.7111 should you need to call/text us during wedding week. Let’s get started!

As you have seen from many examples of our work, we do not do many overly posed photographs on your wedding day unless you have specifically requested them. We do however feel it is important to have some posed images with your close friends and family on this important occasion. We usually take the formal photographs immediately following the ceremony or after your ‘first look’. In order to make the process less time consuming and confusing for all parties involved we would appreciate your help in the selection of your formal groupings. Our standard formal groupings are listed below. For your information, the following list will generally take 20 minutes.

Please note that it is very important that you consider time restraints when adding to the list of formal photographs. You can estimate on average of 3-4 minutes per grouping. It is absolutely vital that everyone who is in the formal groupings be ready to begin the session at the stated time. In order to not waste time searching for individuals, please be sure to communicate this to all those you would like to participate. If you wish to add extended family to the formals, we recommend taking one large bride side, and one large groom side shot as opposed to large numbers of smaller groups. We will photograph the family first in groupings of largest to smallest, then the bridal party, then dismiss everyone to the cocktail hour while we photograph the couple. If you did not see each other before the ceremony for pictures, please allow us the remainder of the cocktail hour for your relaxed bride and groom portraits. We may also pull you outside, weather permitting, for what we call ‘The Golden Hour’ when the natural sunlight is at it’s best. We typically make this mini session about 5-10 minutes since we’ve gotten most of what we need from earlier. We try to do this when your guests are enjoying themselves and won’t notice that you slipped away for a few minutes. If you are against doing this, please tell us ahead of time.

Other Helpful Information About the Way we Work on your Wedding Day:

We usually start the preparation, or ‘Getting Ready’ photos 45 minutes – 1.5 hours prior to the ceremony (excluding travel between prep and ceremony locations). This allows us to shoot both the bride and groom in separate locations. When we arrive, the bride should be receiving any final touches to her hair and makeup, then getting her dress, shoes jewelry, etc. on. It is also fun to have your bridal party getting ready close by to where the bride is getting ready, to capture the excitement around this process. When we arrive the groom should be showered but we try to get photos of the groom doing his hair, getting dressed, shaving, etc. After the Getting Ready photos are finished we will take photos of the bride and groom individually and with their respective parties. If you are planning on seeing each other before the ceremony and do a ‘First Look’ we will start the coverage up to three hours before the ceremony to allow time for prep, bridal party portraits, individual and couple photos.

Please note that we need to eat on the wedding day. We would like to be served as close as possible (time wise) to when your guests meals are served so that we will eat while you are eating and will be able to take photographs when you are back to mingle and dance.

Also note that you need to eat on your wedding day. Have a bridesmaid or coordinator be in charge of keeping small snacks (protein bars, cheese sticks, nuts) and bottled water for the two of you as you go throughout your day. It is not uncommon to be anxious/nervous and forget your appetite until you really need food, and this sometimes happens during couple portraits when you have a moment to breathe. You’ll enjoy the day (and your photos) much more if you are nourished!

Nothing is more frustrating than being stressed on your wedding day. Relax and take a moment to soak it all in. This is a special day and it will fly by faster than you will even imagine, which is why we are here! Try your hardest to put someone else in charge of the little details so when a little hiccup happens, you are not responsible for fixing it. Your sole purpose on this day is to be the bride and groom…. not the coordinator, florist or caterer, etc. Sit back, relax and enjoy it. Your joy will show on camera, so the most you can let go, the better your photos will be. You hired us to capture the special details of your day, and as much as we’d enjoy sitting down during the reception and relaxing a bit to mingle with your friends and family, we are at your wedding to work. We will have the most fun by giving you photos to cherish for years to come.